It’s tricky trying to catch the elegance of these lovely wee creatures as they flit about the garden. With the speed of their flight the grace and beauty is more than the human eye can pick up….

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  1. Amazing photos and wonderfully how they managed to pose for you.

  2. There are so beautiful. You are indeed blessed to capture them in stuck splendour.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous photos Phil.

  4. These are amazing shots, Phil! Each one is so full of expression. They also provide a great insight into birds movement, which is impossible to get when simply watching them flying. Or dancing, rather:-)

  5. So beautiful! These photos really give you an appreciation for their beauty and elegance. Nicely done.

  6. Great photos Phil! It is amazing how you capture their movement in such fine detail.

  7. Amazing photos Phil, the detail and lightness as they are suspended in the air, never really captured by the human eye. Great photography

  8. Amazing images of amazing creatures! Time and effort well spent, Phil 😀

  9. this is awesome!!! Excellent pics Phil!!! Super job…

  10. These pictures are stunning. The clarity and precision in mid-movement – awesome!

  11. Absolutely fantastic work Phil!

  12. The pictures really show the splendour of Mother Nature – good job

  13. Well Done You – Fabulous photography x

  14. Truly wonderful pictures. We can’t get enough watching them.

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