David Packer

All the photographs I have chosen to exhibit have been taken since lockdown started, and were taken either in the garden or on local walks around Banchory.

I really enjoy macro (close-up) photography especially of insects; the three here are all early visitors to the garden taken on a sunny April morning. The dandelion was later on the same month.

The more abstract plant pictures are created by layering different images over one another so that the lower image bleeds into the ones above. It’s a technique I have been using quite a bit recently, but until being confined by lockdown I hadn’t really tried it with plants and natural objects – it’s one that I’ll continue to play with.

The black and white pictures are taken with an old camera that has been converted to take images in infrared light rather than the light that is visible to our eyes. In this light the foliage of plants and trees comes out in very light tones giving a very ethereal atmosphere to the images, I really love using this camera for summer landscape photography.

I hope you enjoy my work.