Assignments for the 2019/20 season:

Assignment Last submission date
1 – Open 1This category is completely open and can be of anything you like.25th September 2019
2 – The River DeeImages in this category may be of any subject animal, mineral or vegetable but must include the River Dee either as the main focal point of the image or in the background. The best of these images may be used to create a club photo-book at some point in the future.20th November 2019
3 – MovementImages for this must capture or convey movement, eg. of a person, animal, object, or movement within a landscape / seascape.31st December 2019
4 – Open 2This category is completely open and can be of anything you like.12th February 2020
5 – Still LifeAn image of an arrangement of mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which are either natural or man-made.18th March 2020
6 – ASSIGNMENT THEME CHANGED. The new theme is “Scottish Open”. This category is open and can be of anything you like – but the image must have been taken in Scotland.29th April 2020

Assignment rules:

Each member may enter up to three images per assignment (unless the assignment states otherwise).  Images should be the member’s own work and not have been entered into an assignment previously (note: images used in the weekly Facebook challenges can also be used in assignments).

Images should be in jpg format, sized to a maximum of 1600×1200 pixels (resolution – 300 pixels per inch).

Images should be sent as email attachments to:

Each image should have a title in the format: Membership number, Preference (a,b, or c),  Image Title.

For example:  123 (a)  Belwade Sunset

Note : the preference a, b or c  is a contingency that will only be used if we have a very large number of entries and we choose to reduce the number of entries per person for the assignment.