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Here are the Liquid assignment winners:


  • First place to Skogafoss VM Liquidification by Chris Bell

  • Second place to Approximately 60% Water by Caroline Heard

  • Third place to River Findhorn by Moyra Gray


  • First place to The River Flows by Nigel Corby

  • Second place to Melting Ice by Mary Laing

  • Third place to Wild Waters by Ian Halliday


  • First place to Sea and Ice-Land by Bob Thorp

  • Second place to Sea and Skye by Bob Thorp

  • Third place to Niagara by Bob Thorp


  • Ellipsoids, Spheroids or Bubbles by Louise Black

  • Oil and Water by David Packer

  • Wave Power by Maggie Ward

  • Sinking Feeling by Moyra Gray

  • Into each life some rain must fall by Nigel Corby

Judge’s Favourite Image

  • Skogafoss VM Liquidification by Chris Bell

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