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Open 2

Here are the Open 2 assignment winners:


  • First place to Stamnesvika Bay by Chris Bell

  • Second place to That's my line by John Farringdon

  • Third place to Memories by Murdo MacDonald

  • Commended Mesa Arch by Chris Bell

  • Commended It wasn’t me. I know nothing by Moyra Gray

  • Commended Smile. We’re on camera by Moyra Gray


  • First place to Taj Footfall by Nigel Corby

  • Second place to Dancing on Water by David J Harper

  • Third place to Old Brig O’Dee by Ray Stuart

  • Commended Lac Blanc by Ray Stuart

  • Commended Hello Love by Louise Black

  • Commended Wood Doo by Ian Halliday


  • First place to Greenshanks Land by Margaret Fraser

  • Second place to Architectural by Tony Johnson

  • Third place to Harbour Light by Bob Thorp

  • Commended Fun Time by Alistair Emslie

  • Commended Coull Hill by Margaret Fraser

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