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Close up

Here are the Close Up assignment winners:


  • First place to Painting with Light by John Farringdon

  • Second place to Closely Clustered by Caroline Heard

  • Third place to Autumn Suspended by David Packer

  • CommendedDiscarded by Caroline Heard

  • CommendedBee at Work by David Packer

  • CommendedShades of Yellow by John Farringdon


  • First place to Red Bull by Nigel Corby

  • Second place to Cornflower Blue by Maggie Ward

  • Third place to Anticipation by Nigel Corby

  • CommendedWater Trickle by Ray Stuart

  • CommendedLarch Root by Mary Laing

  • CommendedBlack Dragonfly by David J Harper


  • First place to Ant and Hover Fly by Bob Thorp

  • CommendedOwl Eye by Bob Thorp

  • CommendedCold Fly by Bob Thorp

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