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Monochrome/black and white

Here are the Monochrome/Black and White assignment winners:


  • First place to Laid to rest by John Farringdon

  • Second place to Hell's Teeth by Chris Bell

  • Third place to Skye Bridge by Murdo MacDonald


  • First place to Man Walks in Space by Sarah Walkington

  • Second place to Gamrie by David Hendry

  • Joint third place to Precision by Nigel Corby

  • Joint third place to Happy Landings by David Harper


  • First place to Hells Angel by Bob Thorp

  • Second place to Face in the Stone by Bob Thorp

  • Third place to George Orwell House by Bob Thorp


  • Geothermal Wave by David Harper

  • Metallic Ferns by David Packer

  • Seen in a different light by David Packer

  • Glenfenzie Croft by Chris Bell

Judge’s Favorite Image

  • Man Walks in Space by Sarah Walkington

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