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Open 1

Here are the Open 1 assignment winners:


  • First place to Flying High at Fort William by Chris Bell

  • Second place to Desiccated Daffodil by David Packer

  • Third place to Please by Murdo Macdonald


  • First place to About Dew Time by Callum Gibson

  • Second place to Mating Common Blues by Mary Laing

  • Third place to Summer Sunset by Maggie Ward


  • First place to Start of Something Big by Bob Thorp

  • Second place to Tornado Attack by Bob Thorp

  • Third place to Spitzbergen by Bob Thorp


  • Earth Brings new Life by Sarah Walkington

  • Gone Skiing by Nigel Corby

  • A Touch of the Orient by David Packer

  • Seagull by Moyra Gray

Most Outstanding Image

  • About Dew Time by Callum Gibson

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